Frequently asked questions


I forgot my password

Do you have an activated DigiD? You can then create a new password

Have you not yet activated your DigiD? Then you have to reapply for your DigiD.

I forgot my username

If you have forgotten your username, you have to reapply for your DigiD. For safety reasons we do not provide passwords and usernames by e-mail or telephone.

How can I change my phone number?

You can change your mobile phone number at My DigiD

I am unable to log in, how is that possible?

This can have different causes:

  • Incorrect username or password. Please note the difference between uppercase and lowercase characters.
  • Your DigiD is blocked. Please wait until the specified time and try again.
  • You have not activated your DigiD. Activate your DigiD with the activation code that you received by mail.
  • Your DigiD expired because of 3 years of inactivity. Please reapply for your DigiD.

Why should I create a new password at login?

Some time ago the password requirements were changed for anyone who applies for his DigiD. The passwords of people who already have a DigiD now also have to meet these requirements. 

Where can I report fraud with my DigiD?

Do you suspect fraud with your DigiD? Please contact the DigiD helpdesk as soon as possible.


How can I apply for my DigiD?

The application process involves a number of steps:

  • Fill in your details and choose your username and password. You will need your cell phone and your Dutch Citizens Service Number (Dutch: burgerservicenummer).
  • You will receive an activation code within 5 days by mail.
  • You can activate your DigiD with the activation code, your username and password.

Can I apply for a DigiD by mail or e-mail?

No, you can only apply for your DigiD on this website.

What are the requirements for a username?

Your username has to be between 6 and 32 characters. The username may consist of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and punctuation. The use of spaces is not allowed.

The allowed punctuation characters are: [- _! $% & '. = / \: <> |? @ [] ^ `{} ~]

My username already exists

You can make your username unique by incorporating special characters. For example with an @ sign, underscore _ or a dash - . You can also add some numbers or replace letters with numbers.

Why is the activation code sent to my home address?

You receive your activation code on your home address to prevent others from receiving your activation code. You can only apply for a DigiD with your home address registered with the municipality. It is not possible to sent your activation code to a PO Box or an e-mail address.

Can I apply for a DigiD for someone else?

DigiD is strictly personal. You cannot apply for a DigiD for someone else. If you are helping someone, please ask that person to log in with his own DigiD. 

How can I add the extra verification via SMS?

You can add your phone number in My DigiD. At the heading 'Sms' look for the option 'Extra sms-controle aanvragen' and follow the steps. You will receive a letter with an activation code. After you have entered the activation code, you can log in via SMS.

I cannot register my mobile phone number

The mobile phone number you specified has already been registered by other persons. A limited number of people can use the same mobile phone number for their DigiD.

Apparently the maximum is reached for your mobile phone number. You can use a different mobile phone number or ask people who have already registered the same number to remove theirs from DigiD.


I am unable to activate my DigiD

This can have a number of causes. Please make sure that you:

  • Fill in the correct username and password. If you have forgotten them, you can reapply for your DigiD.
  • Use the correct activation code. The activation code does not contain punctuation.
  • Your DigiD has already been activated. To check whether your DigiD is already activated, try to log in to My DigiD.  

If you still cannot activate your DigiD, you should reapply for your DigiD.

Why does DigiD send the activation code by mail?

DigiD sends an automated letter to the address that is registered in the Personal Records Database. By sending the letter to your home address DigiD checks whether you are the one who has applied for your DigiD. 

Can DigiD send the activation code by e-mail or to another address?

It is not possible to send the activation code by e-mail or to another address or PO box. 

Sending the letter is an important part of the security of DigiD. We will send the automated letter to your the address in the Dutch Personal Records Database (BRP). 

The letter with the activation code does not arrive

Please consider the following:

  • You should receive the letter within 5 days
  • The activation code is sent in a plain envelope. You may have not recognized it.
  • DigiD sends the letter to your address in the Dutch Personal Records Database.

Please reapply for your DigiD. If again you do not receive a letter, please contact the DigiD helpdesk.

How can I receive a new activation code?

When you reapply for your DigiD, you will receive a new activation code.


What can I authorize someone for?

At this time you can only authorize others for income tax return.

Who can I authorize?

You can authorize someone who lives in the Netherlands and has a DigiD.

Can I authorize more than one person?

You can authorize more than one person. 

How do I know if the authorization is used?

You can check with the government agency providing the service.

I lost my authorization code. What do I do now?

You can see a list of your authorizations on You can find your authorization codes there. You may also apply for a new authorization code.

What is the person I authorize allowed to do?

The authorized person may only perform those activities that are defined in the description of the service for which you issue an authorization. You received the description along with your authorization code.

Apply for a DigiD from abroad

I live abroad, how can I apply for a DigiD?

Dutch people living abroad can apply for their DigiD at one of the desks of the participating municipalities

Can I extend my DigiD with the extra verification via SMS?

That is not possible because the DigiD activation code can only be sent to an address in the Netherlands. If you are a Dutch citizen, you may apply for a new DigiD with extra verification via SMS via a counter.

How can I change my mobile phone number?

It is only possible to change your number if you can still use the mobile number currently registered with DigiD. You can change your mobile phone number at My DigiD.

If you no longer have your old number and you live abroad, then unfortunately you cannot change your number. You may then apply for a new DigiD at a counter.



About DigiD

Which organizations make use of DigiD?

Is DigiD safe?

We do everything to keep DigiD safe. You can also help to keep your own DigiD safe. More information on keeping your DigiD safe.

How does DigiD handle my personal data?

If you log in with your DigiD, DigiD only sends your social security number (BSN) to the website where you log in. Only organizations authorized to use the BSN may use DigiD.

DigiD adheres to the Data Protection Act. Your information will not be provided to other organizations without a legal basis.

Can I share my DigiD with someone else?

Your DigiD is strictly personal. It is important that you keep it to yourself. Your DigiD gives you access to various websites. Possible misuse is therefore not limited to one organization.