DigiD app

The DigiD app is the easiest way to log in securely. You no longer have to remember a complicated password. Only a PIN code of your choice.

More and more organisations require that you add an ID check to the DigiD app. They want more certainty that the data is being shared with the right person. By adding the ID check you can do more with your DigiD app.

What do I need?

  • DigiD account
  • DigiD app: download the app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Mobile phone or tablet with an operating system:
    • iOS (version 12 and above)
    • Android (version 7.0 and above)   

Ontdek het op Google Play               Download in de App Store

How does it work?

First activate the app to be able to use it. This can be done via an ID check, text message or letter. Then go to the website where you want to manage your affairs online and click on log in with DigiD app.

Logging in can be done in two ways:

  • Phone or tablet: log in by entering your PIN code only.
  • Computer: log in by first entering a pairing code, scanning a QR code and entering your PIN code.

More information


Do you want to authorise someone to manage your affairs online? You can authorise someone to use DigiD on your behalf. Do not give this person your login credentials.

Read more about authorisation

Living abroad

Do you live abroad? And do you have a DigiD? You can also use the app. Do you not yet have a DigiD? Request it first.

Read more about using DigiD abroad