DigiD app

The DigiD app is the easiest way to log in securely. You no longer have to remember a complex password. All you need is a PIN code of your choice.

Many organisations will soon no longer allow you to log in with only your username and password. You will then always need your phone to log in. This helps you to protect your personal data even better.

How does it work?

The app enables you to use 2 methods for logging in:

  • Phone or tablet: you log in with a PIN code.
  • Computer: through a verification code, a QR code and a PIN code.

You can use the app on a maximum of 5 devices.

Please note: your PIN code, username and password are private. Do not give these to others.

What do you need?

The app is suitable for mobile devices with the following operating system:

  • iOS (version 10 and higher)
  • Android (version 6.0 and higher)

Download the DigiD app from Google Play or the App Store.

Ontdek het op Google Play               Download in de App Store

How does it work?

Doing more with your DigiD app

Certain data is particularly privacy-sensitive, such as information about your health. To be able to view or change this data online, you need to add a once-only ID check of your passport, driving licence or identity card to your app. This will allow you to do even more with your DigiD.

Read more about ID check


If you want help arranging matters online, you can authorise someone to use DigiD on your behalf. Do not give this person your login credentials.

Read more about authorisation

Living abroad

If you live abroad and have a DigiD, you can also use the app.

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