Activate your DigiD

If you have applied for a DigiD, you will receive a letter with an activation code within three working days.

Please note: activate your DigiD within 21 days, otherwise you will have to reapply for a DigiD.

Enter activation code

What do I need?

  • Letter with activation code
  • Username and password (when you applied via the application form)
  • PIN code (when you applied via the DigiD app)
  • (mobile) phone

It is possible to activate your account without a telephone. However, many organisations will (soon) no longer allow you to log in without the use of your phone.

How does it work?

You can complete the activation of your DigiD account with the activation code in the letter. Follow the steps to activate your DigiD. These steps differ depending on the way how you applied for a DigiD; via the DigiD app or the application form.

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