Secure login tips

Keep your DigiD safe and private. These tips help you to protect yourself against scammers and misuse of your data. Also read what DigiD does to keep your DigiD safe. Logging in securely is something we do together.

Never give your PIN code or login credentials to someone else. If you would like someone else to take care of your affairs online, use DigiD DigiD Authorisation.

Security through DigiD

DigiD does everything in its power to keep your DigiD secure and to prevent fraud. We do this by constantly monitoring digital threats to DigiD and taking action on them.


  • Taking fake websites down as soon as possible.
  • Direct and regular contact with the National Cyber Security Centre and the police. 
  • Actively sharing knowledge and experience with other organisations, such as the Tax and Customs Administration

For you personally

It may happen that your personal account is misused. Or that DigiD suspects that someone is misusing your account. To prevent this, DigiD takes the following actions: 

  • Delete your DigiD account if abuse is suspected.
  • Provide information on what to do if your account is deleted. 
  • Verification message via email or text when something changes in your account. For example, if you request a DigiD (app) or change your password. This ensures that you have made the change and not someone else. 
Read more about phishing, abuse and what you can do about it