Username and password

When you apply for a DigiD, you enter a username and password. Remember your username and password. You need it to log in.

Download the DigiD app

More and more organisations no longer allow you to log in with only your password and username. So download and activate the DigiD app. This is the easiest way to log in securely. If you use the app, you do not have to remember a password; all you need is a PIN code of your choice.

Read more about the DigiD app


If you want help with arranging matters online, you can authorise someone to use DigiD on your behalf. You do not have to give another person your username and password for this.

Read more about authorisation

Living abroad

Do you live abroad? And do you have the Dutch nationality or the nationality of another country in the European Economic Area (EEA)? Then you can apply for a DigiD. Did you already have a DigiD before moving abroad? Then you can continue to use your DigiD.

Please note: you need to come to a service desk for this. Not every country has such a service desk. Please take this into account in advance.

View the list of service desks