Identity document

Logging in with your Dutch identity card or driver's licence will give you access to – particularly sensitive – personal data in the future. In this way, your data is optimally protected.

Organisations that manage this sensitive data want to make certain that the data is shared with the correct person every time you log in. Logging in with an identity card or driver's license with a personal PIN code provides this additional certainty.

Please note that logging in with your identity document is different from logging in with ID check in your DigiD app. 

What do I need?

  • Identity card (issued from 13th of March 2021or Dutch driver's license (issued from 26th of May 2018. 
  • PIN code of your identity card or driver's license
  • DigiD app (activated)

A mobile device:

  • Android device with NFC reader (Android version 7.0 or higher)
  • iPhone, model 7 or higher (iOS version 13.2)
Please note, that if you live abroad you cannot get a driver's license with a login function. This is only possible if you collect your driver's license from a municipality in the Netherlands.

How does it work?

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