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Is your computer system suitable?

If you see a blank screen when you wish to use DigiD, your software may need to be updated. Use a special website to find out whether your computer system is adequate for you to use DigiD. The website will check whether your system can cope with the new generation of SSL certificates.


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When developing DigiD, we focussed on accessibility, development quality and traceability. We aspire to offer DigiD in such a way that everyone is able to use and view this.

The DigiD application has been developed in accordance with the Web Guidelines Quality Model. These guidelines are based on internationally recognised agreements about the accessibility, sustainability, compatibility and traceability of websites.

PDF documents

You need a PDF reader to read PDF files. Various (free) readers are available and a reader is often installed as standard in the computer's operating system.

If you are unable to open a PDF file automatically, you can download Acrobat Reader. You can download this software free of charge from the Adobe website.

Questions about this website

If you have any questions or suggestions about this website, please contact our helpdesk.

DigiD is a service of Logius, the digital government service of the Netherlands Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.