Security tips

If you want to use DigiD securely, please observe the following security rules.

  • Choose a password for your DigiD that is complex or hard to guess
  • Your login credentials are private, so do not share them with others
  • Install effective security on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Use a secure internet connection when using DigiD
  • Check the web address of DigiD in your internet browser. The correct address is or for English

Do you use DigiD? Your DigiD is a kind of digital passport with which you identify yourself. Just like your passport, your DigiD is personal.

Please note: do not give your codes and login credentials to someone else. If you need help with arranging matters online, you should use Authorisation.

Report fake emails / phishing

Have you received a fake email, such as an email asking you to provide your login credentials? Or that lures you to a website other than, where you are then asked to log in with your DigiD?

Please report this to

Never give away your login credentials and never log in with your DigiD on a website other than

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