Abuse of your data

With DigiD, you identify yourself. Your DigiD is a kind of digital passport. If another person has your DigiD login credentials and misuses them, you should report this to the DigiD helpdesk.

Someone is misusing your DigiD

If another person has your DigiD login credentials, they can, for example, change your personal data in the government's records. If someone misuses your DigiD, this is identity fraud. You should immediately take the following steps:

  • gather evidence
  • report the abuse of your DigiD to the DigiD helpdesk and ask them to delete your account
  • report it to the police

Even if you only have a suspicion that your DigiD is misused, it is advisable to delete your DigiD account and then apply for a new DigiD.

Report abuse to the DigiD helpdesk


TheĀ  Central Identity Fraud Reporting Centre (CMI)Externe link can provide you with further advice and support.

Tax fraud

If you are the victim of tax fraud, you should report this to the tax authorities at loket.fraudeslachtoffers@belastingdienst.nl or by calling the Tax Information LineExterne link.

Keep your data private

DigiD staff will never ask you for your username, password or PIN code. Not by phone, email or in any other way.

We will never send you an unsolicited message. If you have received an unsolicited message about DigiD and the sender appears to be DigiD or the government, this is probably a fake message through which the sender is trying to steal your data. This is known as phishing.

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