Identity card

Logging in with your identity card will give you access to – particularly sensitive – personal data in the future. In this way, your data is optimally protected.

Organisations that manage this sensitive data want to make certain that the data is shared with the correct person every time you log in. Logging in with an identity card with a personal PIN code provides this additional certainty.

What do I need?

  • Identity card (issued from 13th of March 2021)
  • PIN code of your identity card
  • DigiD app (activated)

A mobile device:

  • Android device with NFC reader (Android version 7.0 or higher)
  • iPhone, model 7 or higher (iOS version 13.2)

How does it work?

First activate the login function of your identity card to be able to use it.

  1. After collecting your new identity card, you will receive a letter from DigiD with a PIN code within 5 working days.
  2. Activate the login function of your identity card in My DigiD with this code.
  3. Change the temporary PIN code into your own personal PIN code.
We advise you to choose a different PIN code than the one you use for your bank card or bank app, for example.

There are two ways to log in.

  • With the DigiD app on your phone or tablet with NFC reader
  • With the DigiD app on your computer, which is linked to an NFC card reader.

While logging in, the DigiD app scans the details of the chip on the identity card. DigiD checks whether the document is yours and valid. No data is stored.

More information


If you want help with arranging matters online, you can authorise someone to use DigiD on your behalf. Do not give this person your login credentials.

Read more about authorisation

Living abroad

Do you live abroad and do you have a DigiD? Then you can also use your identity card to log in. You do, however, need a citizen service number in order to request an identity card with a login function. Do you not yet have a DigiD? Then request it first.

Read more about using DigiD abroad