ID check

Certain data is particularly privacy-sensitive, such as information about your health. To be able to view or change this data online, a once-only ID check of your passport, driving licence or identity card is required sometimes.

DigiD does not store any data; it only registers in your DigiD account that the check has been performed correctly.

How does it work?

The ID check can only be performed with the DigiD app on smartphones with an NFC reader.

  • Use your DigiD app to scan the data on the chip of your ID.
  • Your data is checked by the National Office for Identity Data or by the RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) on basis of its driving licence register.

You can now also use the DigiD app to log in with organisations that manage data that is particularly privacy-sensitive.

What do you need?

  • DigiD app (which has been activated)
  • Android smartphone with an NFC reader (Android version 6.0 or higher)
  • iPhone 7 or higher (iOS version 13)
  • Dutch identity document

You can use the following Dutch identity documents:

  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • Driving license (issued after 14 November 2014)
Pay attention, dutch passports issued by a consulate or embassy are not suitable for an ID check.

How does it work?


If you want help with arranging matters online, you can authorise someone to use DigiD on your behalf. You do not have to give another person your username and password for this.

Read more about authorisation

Living abroad

If you are a Dutch national living abroad, you can apply for a DigiD.

Please note: you need to come to a service desk for this. Not every country has such a desk. Please take this into account in advance.

Read more about using DigiD when living abroad