Apply for or activate a DigiD

With your DigiD you identify yourself when you arrange matters online, such as with the government, educational institutions, healthcare organizations or your pension fund.

Applying for a DigiD

If you do not have a DigiD yet and want to apply for an account, you can use the application form. You will need your citizen service number (BSN) for your application.

DigiD application form

Please note: DigiD is private. You are not allowed to apply for a DigiD on behalf of someone else. Do you want to help someone to arrange their affairs online?Then use DigiD Authorisation.

Activate DigiD

If you have applied for a DigiD, you will receive a letter with an activation code within three working days. You can complete the activation of your DigiD account in the DigiD app. Thereafter, both account and app are activated. After activation you can log in. 

Please note: activate your DigiD within 20 days, otherwise you will have to reapply for a DigiD.

Enter activation code

Code received

Did you receive another code? For example, a code to reset your password? You can find out what you need to do on the 'Code received' page.