DigiD for Dutch people living abroad

If you live abroad and have the Dutch nationality, you can also apply for a DigiD login code from a service desk. Explained below is how you can do this.

The application process

  1. Go to www.digid.nl and select Aanvragen (Apply).
  2. During the application process, select "Ik woon buiten Nederland" (I live outside the Netherlands). Make sure you remember your username and password!
  3. After completing the application process, you will receive a service desk code. Take the service desk code to one of the DigiD service desks within 30 days after the date of the application to receive your DigiD activation code.
  4. Using the activation code, your username and password, you can activate your DigiD at www.digid.nl.

Take the following with you to the service desk:

  • your service desk code (after completing your application, you will receive this by text message and by e-mail)
  • your Dutch passport or identity card (you entered this document number in your application)
  • Your Citizens Service Number (BSN)

Please note! You may have to arrange an appointment with the relevant service desk before going to obtain your DigiD activation code. Ask the relevant service desk about this.


To apply for a DigiD from a service desk, you have to fulfil certain conditions:

  • You live abroad
  • You have the Dutch nationality
  • You hold a valid Dutch passport or Dutch identity card
  • You have a Citizens Service Number (BSN)
  • You are listed in the Register of Non-residents (RNI)*
  • You have a mobile telephone on which you can receive text messages both in the Netherlands and abroad
  • You have an e-mail address

*) If you are a tax payer, or if you moved abroad after the 1st of October 1994, you will definitely be listed in the RNI. If you do not pay tax and you moved abroad before the 1st of October 1994, or if you have never lived in the Netherlands, ask at the local council service desk whether you are listed in the RNI.


For more information, please download the factsheet: Factsheet DigiD issued over the counter (PDF | 72 kB). If you have any questions, first take a look at the Vraag en antwoord (Question and answer) page to see if you can find your answer there. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact the DigiD helpdesk.