Extra assurance about your identity

From now, you can use the DigiD app to perform a one-time check of authenticity on your passport, driving license or identity card. This verification gives organizations greater assurance about the identity of the person who wants to log into their website.

What do you need?

To perform the verification of your identity document, you need:

  1. An activated DigiD app 
  2. An Android smartphone with NFC reader (Android version 4.4 or higher)
  3. An appropriate Dutch identity document:
    • Identity card
    • Passport
    • Driving licence (issued after 14 November 2014)

How does it work

The DigiD app verifies – with the NFC reader of the smartphone – the data on the chip of your identity document. DigiD does not save the data, but it only records if the verification has been done correctly. The verification has to be done only once. After that, your DigiD app is ready to log into websites of organizations that need greater assurance about your identity. Please follow the steps in the instructions to perform the verification.

Gradually available for more people

At this point, he verification can only be done with the DigiD app on the most common Android smartphones. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use an iPhone due to Apple’s restrictions. We are currently investigating new ways of verifying identification documents for people who don’t have a suitable telephone or people who need help performing the verification.