DigiD app

With the DigiD app you can always log in safely on websites of Dutch government organizations, health organizations and pension funds.

There are 2 ways of logging in with the DigiD app:

  • On you smartphone or tablet with only a confirmation code.
  • On your computer you scan the QR-code first and then enter your PIN code.

1. Download the app

The DigiD app is available on iOS and Android. Download the app at the official app stores only.

Logo Apple AppStore - Ga naar DigiD app in de AppStore
Logo Google PlayStore - Ga naar DigiD app in de Google PlayStore

2. Activate the app

Before you can use the app to login, you have to activate it first.

Do you need help activating the app? Then please follow the step-by-step guide.


Do you have any questions about the DigiD app? Please go the frequently asked questions about the DigiD app.